Andrés Valencia


Andrés Valencia; Futurist at CHANGE Consulting

Andrés leads the futures division at Change Consulting, an innovation firm based in Guadalajara Mexico that works in Latin America to help organizations shape a new generation of products, services and business models. He is also President of the Design and Innovation Council in Mexico.

Change Consulting delivers value through global teams with three strong foundations: futures, human dynamics and strategic design, in order to help their clients positively change the way they think, act, and feel towards the future.

Andrés holds a Masters in Business Innovation (MBI) fromCEDIM The School of Design, spent his formative years as a Strategic Designer in Germany, and now works on several foresight, design thinking, strategy, storytelling and business programs. Currently he is an international consultant for brands in a diverse range of industries and sectors, both public and private.

The Future is human, a toolkit for progress (Presented in Spanish)

This workshop is designed to share a toolkit to positively change the way people think, act and feel about the futures. Valencia and his team generate diegetic prototypes that can potentially become a next generation of innovations for human progress. Note: This workshop and its content will be presented in Spanish.

In a world with huge gaps between countries and societies, Valencia proposes a new way to foster progress in emerging contexts. By merging foresight, human dynamics and strategic design, we'll be able to develop a new generation of solutions with human profitability (products/services with positive impact on people's lives).

An advanced approach, tools and frameworks within Latin American contexts, the workshop is designed to inspire a new class of decisions that corrects the negative course of our coming reality.

Key Workshop Takeaways

  • Awareness about the relevance of the future

  • Tools to influence history

  • Toolkit for progress in Latin America