Chirryl-Lee Ryan


Chirryl-Lee Ryan**; Podcsaster at This is HCD

Chi Ryan specializes in human-centered, experience-led design. Merging different design disciplines, she takes a transdisciplinary approach to exploring the intersection between business, technology and people to make meaningful things for humans - and humanity.

With almost 25 years industry experience across visual, digital, motion, industrial, service and almost every design in between, Chi has built and grown successful design teams across the globe. Since making her first website in the mid 90s, she’s helped everyone from hungry startups to global giants transform through design.

Based in NYC, Chi is the host of This is HCD, a podcast that explores the diversity and breadth of human-centered design, and she’s an active member of the design community, regularly coaching, teaching and speaking around the world. Previously, she worked as part of Idean, a global experience design company on a mission to improve people's lives through design, where she led their New York design practice.

**Due to unforeseen circumstances, Chirryl was unable to present her workshop this past fall at PRIMER EU, so we are thrilled to be able to host her this year at PRIMER19.

Impact the World Isn't Ready For

Do you think about the impact of what you make? Too often we get caught up in blue sky thinking and ignore the possibility that everything that could go wrong probably will. Great design happens with the best of intentions, but even ‘good' design doesn't always go according to plan…

The role design plays in business, economy, environment and culture has never been more important. Those involved in the design process are faced with both opportunity and responsibility: the opportunity to use design to deliver business value, and the responsibility that comes with bringing change to the world.

What are the consequences of design, and who is responsible? Great design happens with the best of intentions, but even ‘good' design doesn't always go according to plan. How can people involved in the process of designing products and services future proof outcomes and anticipate unknowns, so that what gets made doesn’t end up in the design dumpster?

During this speculative, ontological design workshop, we’ll use impact as seriously fun lens to think about the consequences of what we design.

Key Workshop Takeaways

  • A seriously fun workshop format anyone can run with their own team the very next day

  • Learn how to fram designoutcomes using impact as a design lens

  • Build awareness and sustainability into design choices