Isabela B. Gygax

Fashion Designer, Visual Artist, Activist

HOMO LABORANS - The Human Condition Of Dress

The human cost of the fast fashion-profit-engine is devastatingly high. Frequently reports and images of suffering garment workers provoke waves of shock and public outrage, and yet the masses will not consume less. As of late, consumers even demand branding that allows them to buy with a clear conscience.

If slowing down consumption isn‘t an option, how will garment workers evolve from here onwards, to become the machinelike, ever efficient and healthy organisms we need them to be? How will their bodies adapt the conditions within which they need to function?

The Homo Laborans is a speculative prototype of a modified human, adapted to the major health-issues in the CMT-process (cut, make, trim), in order to meet efficiency expectations. If we take a Darwinian approach to tackle the problems fast fashion confronts us with, and adapt humans to inhumane conditions of production as opposed to the other way around - will we have found our solution? How far are we as a society prepared to go to uphold our appearances?

The digital prototype is projected onto a canvas made out of white high street garments. The train of clothes is long enough to walk on. Each time the body rotates, another part of the body becomes adjusted. between those steps, clips from news reports and the film Samsara (2012) put the Homo Laborans into context.

Homo Laborans is a Textile installation with projection of speculative future garment worker, adapt to cater for the high demand for fast and cheap clothing. The installation aims to provoke the audience to rethink what human dignity means in the context of their clothing, what effects their lifestyles have on the world and how their own life is affected from the current consumer culture. The term Homo laborans is inspired by the philosophical term ‘Animal laborans’ described by Hannah Arendt; She distinguishes labour by its perpetuate character: nothing durable is created, it’s effects are consumed quickly and to sustain life, the process is never ending.


Yunying Huang

Multimedia Artist & Designer

Algorithm Jamplifying

Algorithm Jamplifying is an installation that imagines and develops new behavior and aesthetics evolving in Chinese pop culture. Users and cultural producers adopt A.I. algorithms as a new way to generate memes, videos, and aesthetics. By facilitating this collaboration with A.I., users are able to exert control over their presence on social platforms and create content that amplifies their desires, values, and creativity.


Cyrus Clarke & Monika Seyfried


Grow Your Own Cloud

Grow Your Own Cloud is a project that re-imagines the future of the cloud, by storing your data nature’s way, in the DNA of plants. We are creating decentralised, plant-based data centres, and bringing the latest in biotechnology, and data artistry to your local flower shop.


Jiabao Li

Designer, Artist

TransVision: Exploring the State of the Visual Field in the Age of Extreme Augmentation

TransVision defamiliarizes and questions the habitual ways in which we interpret, operate, and understand the visual world intervened by digital media through three extreme ideal types of perceptual machines: Hyper-sensitive vision, Hyper-focused vision, Hyper-commoditized vision.