Manoj Fenelon

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Associate Professor (Strategic Design, Media Studies) at The New School; (ex-) Director of Pepsico Foresight & Innovation.

Manoj is a futurist and inner-space explorer \ He believes we are living through interesting times -- when all that we think we know is turned downside up, and our collective soul is turned inside out, in all its monstrosity and splendor \ Manoj has dedicated himself to a mission of helping those who think they are lost realize they are not as lost as they think \ He draws from his lived experience to design, facilitate and otherwise guide processes that contribute to the conscious evolution of individuals and groups \ His service manifests through his teaching and research, foresight advising and consultancy, public speaking, writing and music \

Manoj teaches how to lead with compassion and design for a regenerative economy at Parsons, the New School for Design, in New York \ Previously, he worked as a social intra-preneur within a Fortune 50 corporation, starting a strategic foresight practice to co-envision and pilot more sustainable and equitable futures \ He is a winner of the PepsiCo Chairman's Award for helping create a radically new leadership development experience called Pepsi Corps, and an Aspen Institute Fellow in the Business and Society program

Manoj is Indian by birth, a New Yorker by residence and a nomad in spirit.


The limits of control: notes on letting futures emerge

Thursday, June 13 | 11:30 AM — 12:30 PM

Most of us who anticipate or sense the future (or are interested in the same) will likely agree that we are on the precipice of something. But what? The End Times? The dawn of a new Golden Age? 

Are we close to the point of no return on climate change, species extinction, ocean acidification and other such acupressure points of planetary wellbeing? Or is it true, what they say about the night getting darkest just before dawn? Could the doomsday clock really be a countdown towards a quantum leap in the evolution of consciousness? 

Who knows? How can we tell? And most importantly, what do we do, in the here and now?

Between 11:30-12:30 on Thursday, June 14th, Manoj will prime (with some remarks and other stimuli, followed by Q&A) what he hopes will be a hot topic throughout the conference, as we all navigate various futures - dystopian, utopian, super-black, vanilla or milquetoast.

The session will be sure to provoke, will push (gently) at the constraints for interactivity built into a keynote setting, and will offer practical wisdom for a radical reconfiguration of how we live and what we live for.