Nikolas + Lukas Bentel


Nikolas Bentel Artist/Designer Nikolas Bentel Studio

Nikolas Bentel is an artist and designer who creates products, performances, and media projects that engage the public to think critically about cultural, environmental, and social issues. Bentel has been commissioned by brands to create exciting, strange, and engaging experiences using alternate forms of advertising. A graduate of the Brown-RISD dual degree program, Bentel has shown at Paris Fashion Week, Milan Design Week, and the United Nations Climate Summit.

Lukas Bentel / Artist/Designer / Hello Velocity

Lukas Bentel is an artist, musician, technologist, and designer. He co-founded the creative studio Hello Velocity and has had major success with his experimental online work. Lukas’ recent digital art operates at the intersection of pop culture and critical content. He has had work featured in Time Magazine, Businessweek, Hacker News, Yahoo Tech, Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post, MTV, USA Today, Wired, Vice and many other national and international publications.


The Power and ethics of Speculative design IN THE ERA OF FAKE NEWS

Thursday, June 13 | 355 PM — 4:30 PM

A talk exploring speculative design’s potential to create real world conversation while also considering the ethical implications of designing futures in the world of fake media. We will consider work designed by Lukas and Nikolas Bentel.