Raphael Reimann & Benedikt Groß


Raphael Reimann

Content & Media Lead / REACH NOW GmbH / lab

Raphael Reimann is a multi-disciplinary urbanist with a background in geography, urban design, and development. While he plays a key role in ideation and conceptualization, Raphael is mainly responsible for communication and media representation of moovel lab’s projects. He is a founding member and perpetual advocate of the lab.

Raphael finished his master's degree in urban culture, society and space in 2015, broadening the expertise from his bachelor's degree in geography at the University of Cologne. Here he learned about the wide variety of disciplines working to improve urban environments and quickly found that the intersection of fast paced digital services and persistent city infrastructure is an extremely interesting and challenging field

Benedikt Groß

Speculative and Computational Designer / Portfolio/Website

Benedikt Groß is a speculative and computational designer, and Director of Design at moovel lab. He is fascinated by the relationships between people, their data, technology and environments.

He has a MA in Design Interactions from the Royal College of Art, is co-author of “Generative Design”, an acclaimed book on computation design. Benedikt is a professor of Interaction Design at the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd.

“Corporate” Speculative Design? – Our example on how to deploy speculative design in a corporate environment

THURS. June 13 | 1:30 PM — 2:00 PM | ROOM B

Mobility, our ability to move freely and with ease, is a pressing issue that relates to climate change, urban design, and societal interactions. How do we ensure conversations around mobility policy are accessible to a broad public?

moovel lab aims to make this discourse tangible through a variety of inventive products and prototypes, inspiring debate about the future mobility and the human consequences of new technology. The aim of moovel lab is not merely to create new business opportunities and product prototypes but also to look at the fringes and outskirts of incremental innovation.

With selected works, Benedikt and Raphael will talk about how speculative design has been deployed within moovel (via moovel lab), with a critical view on why, how and what worked out. Special attention will be paid towards measuring the impact of the team’s work with speculative design, while critically questioning methods and approaches.

They will share their experiences of the past 4 years working at this creative space that's somewhere between a research lab and tinkerer’s garage. The lab is set up within the “corporate startup” moovel which is wholly owned by Daimler.