Tina Fung


Tina Fung is a designer at Meld Studios. She believes designers can make more ethical and rigorous decisions by understanding the human needs of the present, drivers and trends of the future.

Tina’s experiences includes designing for future state customer experience in education and airline; working with government agencies to create methodologies to measure their product successes. She also teaches Service Design at the University of Technology Sydney, prior to her transition to service and strategic design, she dabbled in digital product design, Branding and Graphic Design. She holds Bachelor of Design at UNSW Art & Design, majoring in Graphic Design and Speculative & Critical design. The latter has inspired to challenge assumptions of the existing paradigms of the present world, also to bring Speculative Design frameworks and methodologies into day to day consulting practice.

When Speculative Design Needs to Look Pragmatic

Thurs. June 13 | 3:15 PM — 4:00 PM | ROOM B

We know there are many benefits of Speculative Design but sometimes things need to be a little more pragmatic and tangible in the consulting space. In this talk, Tina Fung will share Meld Studio’s insights of how they position Speculative Design, the value it brings to organisations, why using a human-centred led approach is important, the challenges they face when co-designing the future with participants, and insights, frameworks and practical tips for using speculative design and future casting on live projects.

Recently Meld Studios worked with an organisation to forecast the future of 2030 and imagine what might the customer experiences look like. This is particularly useful to help inform design decisions around the physical infrastructure being completed in 2030. Meld Studios co-designed the preferable future with existing customers, using the organisations base of future trends and drivers. They also tested how people respond to these idea, learned a few things and will share them with attendees.

Meld Studios has worked across 15 industries including government, education, health, financial services, museums, libraries, transportation, and infrastructure. Their work is about improving the fabric of our society through services and systems people interact with everyday. As the world changes faster than ever, more clients are coming to Meld Studios to help their organisations imagine the future of their services and how might they be better equipped for the future.

When it comes to the the process of 'futuring', Meld Studios believes that individuals have the right and moral imperative to define what preferable futures look like for themselves, and this is why It is important to involve participants in the design process and give them a voice to do so.